Download YoWhatsApp Apk (Latest Version)

Hello friends, if you want to know how to download YoWhatsApp, what is YoWhatsapp, what are the advanced features in it, then today’s article has been prepared for you only.

What is Yo WhatsApp?

Friends, this app is a mod version of the official app of Whatsapp! That is, by modifying this app, many advanced features have been added to it! Which we do not find in Normal Whatsapp.

Millions of people use WhatsApp in today’s time! Many of them go through those who want something new fun in WhatsApp so that they can use WhatsApp in a more fun way and can impress their friends.

So friends, GB Whatsapp was launched in the market a few years ago for the same users! And you must have known that Gb Whatsapp was also very much liked by the people! In these days a new Mod Apk has been launched in the market named YoWhatsapp, after understanding what is this YoWhatsapp after all.

Apk NameYooWhatsApp
Cost Free

How to use YoWhatsapp?

If you are already using WhatsApp on your mobile then it is very easy for you to use! You have to install YoWhatsapp app and after that you can use it by creating your account.

As you must have done while creating WhatsApp account earlier. So let’s know how to create your account in YoWhatsapp.

  1. After installing the YoWhatsapp app on your mobile, launch it.
  2. Now you press the Agree & Continue button.
  3. After that add new number in YoWhatsapp from which you want to create your account, after that click on Next button.
  4. Now to verify your number, an OTP will come in it and in this way your mobile number will be verified automatically.
  5. After that here you have to enter your name and profile photo, after that click on the Next button.
  6. Friends, just by doing this, your YoWhatsapp account will be successfully created.

Now the question must be coming in your mind that what are the special features that Whatsapp users do not get.

Advanced features of YoWhatsApp in Hindi ?

  • Dual Whatsapp

Want to know how to run two WhatsApp in one mobile, then you can install YoWhatsapp if you have two numbers in your mobile! And if you want to run WhatsApp in your mobile from both the numbers, then you can use Dual Whatsapp feature by installing Dual Whatsapp app.

  • Share Quality photos

Often when we send photos on WhatsApp! So Whatsapp reduces its quality automatically! Due to which the photo does not appear clear! But on YoWhatsapp you get the facility to share quality photos!

  • fingerprint

Just like the official WhatsApp, you can use the fingerprint sensor in YoWhatsapp.

  • Hide media from Gallery

There is an image, video of Whatsapp which if you want to hide it from the gallery, then you will get this feature in YoWhatsapp.

  • hide bluetick

Have you read someone’s message or not? User can know through Bluetick! YoWhatsapp also has an option to hide that bluetick.

  • Send any format

You can send any format file through YoWhatsapp! Like you can share Zip file in WhatsApp

  • Send Message Without Saving Number

Using YoWhatsapp, you can directly message someone on WhatsApp without saving their number.

  • Hide Name During Chat

You get a similar feature in YoWhatsapp! With which you can also hide the name of the person you are chatting with.

  • hide profile photo

You can also hide your profile photo.

Friends, in this way we get many more features in YoWhatsapp! Which we do not get to see at all in normal WhatsApp.

Is YoWhatsapp safe?

Friends, we all know that hacking is possible in the world of internet and our data can be leaked, stolen with a little carelessness! So to avoid that, whenever we browse the internet or install any application on mobile, it becomes necessary to know whether it is safe.

Talk about YoWhatsapp then how safe is it! Can’t say about this because who has developed YoWhatsapp just like GBWhatsApp? This information is still not found! There is no information about how our data is used in YoWhatsapp.

So would you like to use an app like who made it? What is the privacy policy of that app about which no information has been given.

Friends YoWhatsapp we get a lot of features as compared to normal WhatsApp! But we will not take any responsibility of whether our data is safe or not while using it.

So from users who are using YoWhatsapp! There is no confirmation that their data is secure or if their data is not being misused! Now we cannot say at all that it is safe for you to use YoWhatsapp.

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